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Hope for the Soil

I have been very encouraged by a local soil story and then a global one. For our own Toronto & Region Conservation Authority, Paul Morris and his wife have combined to produce a local mix using biochar. Or I should say biochar balance mix? He is a professional Conservation Ecologist, working in temperate Ontario soils and also tropical limestone Yucatan soils. She is a professional Agrologist. As the video describes it is used here for the Conservation Authorities to produce native plants for ecological regeneration and also tested. I find this to be Agricultural Extension training model. We need the research on temperate soils biochar benefits and here it is. This is sustainable artistry. Check out the video and share it.

The second story is of a global boon, using available rock dust, added to many agricultural soil types to aid soil health and lock down carbon in the soil. This is the type of carbon farming that is so hopeful. As “Prof Jim Hansen, of Columbia University in the US and one of the research team, said: “Much of this carbonate will eventually [wash into] the ocean, ending up as limestone on the ocean floor. “Weathering provides a natural, permanent sink for the carbon.” A lot to think about here, basalt dust could be widely available from existing mining process as a waste. Check out this article referring to the major study.

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