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Clients often ask me how I define the “Ecologics” part of Ecologics Design, my consulting company. I mean that we have a core philosophy that includes social-ecological reality and values ecological life functions. My definition of “Ecologics” itself is integral and holistic that is beyond conventional neo-classical economics with its exclusion of social and ecological costs and benefits, calling them externalities. I am inspired by the great environmental economists such as Hazel Henderson, John B. Cobb, Herman E. Daly, H.T. Odum, and many others to replace neo-classical economics with “Ecologics” incorporating social and ecological costs and benefits as internalities. This philosophical challenge, that of deep values. Let’s get our tools of valuations correct. For example, why do we consider constructing quick and cheap uninsulated glass box buildings and then paying high annual utilities and other costs as being “economical”.

My Design philosophy has been greatly influenced by New Alchemy Institute helmed by Dr. John Todd and Nancy Jack Todd and Permaculture founders Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. They are what led me into urban agriculture, environmental design and urban and regional planning. I am very fortunate to have had a continuing career in these fields. Now we speak of Resilience and Regeneration. These pioneer practitioners have done the groundwork allowing us even to think of those goals.

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